Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Longtime Rangers Fan Featured on MSG Blog

Attorney Marc Rovner, a resident of East Rockaway, New York, oversees the legal department of BETA Abstract LLC as general counsel and director of business development. A lifelong ice hockey fan, Marc Rovner of East Rockaway has followed and attended every one of the New York Rangers’ home playoff games since 1978. 

In an article posted on the official Madison Square Garden blog, Rovner is pictured wearing a New York Rangers blue home breakaway jersey and matching hat. He watches with intent as his favorite players skate across the ice during one of the 1,400 Rangers games he has attended since 1970. 

Rovner recalls the day in February of 1970 when he and his father witnessed the Rangers win 5-1 over the LA Kings. His father, Errol, held season tickets and collected box scores and articles to share with the rest of the family. Rovner now holds four seats at the west end of the rink, continuing his family’s tradition. Visit https://blog.msg.com/2018/04/06/https-blog-msg-com-2018-04-06-one-generation-to-the-next-a-tradition-lives-on/#single-article to read the full article.

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