Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Client Champion Award Recognizes Outstanding Client Services

An experienced attorney native to East Rockaway, New York, Marc Rovner serves as director of business development for BETA Abstract and oversees the company’s entire legal department. Marc Rovner’s skill as an attorney and dedication to his clients earned him the Client Champion Silver Distinction from Martindale-Hubbell in 2017. 

The Client Champion Award celebrates attorneys with a reputation of outstanding services to their clients and honors those who consistently receive positive Martindale-Hubbell reviews. Distributed based on review quality and quantity, the award distinguishes recipients as legal professionals with a commitment to excellent client services. Awards also reflect current reviews, and Martindale-Hubbell conducts assessments of recipients twice a year to adjust them accordingly. 

Three levels of the Client Champion award are presented based on reviews and average score: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Attorneys must receive at least three reviews and an average score of 4.0 or higher for a Silver, and six reviews with a 4.2 or higher average score for Gold. A Platinum award requires at least 10 reviews and an average score of 4.5 or higher. After bestowing the award, Martindale-Hubbell will consider reviews from the last 24 months moving forward.